The G.L. Miner Company, c.1910

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First listed in the City of Rochester Business Directory in 1905, The G.L. Miner Company was a dealer of motorcycles. Until 1923 it was located on Clinton Avenue at the corner of Court Street, now Xerox Tower. The view is … Continued

Papec Machine Company no.005, c.1915

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Beginning in the early 1900’s through the 1980’s, the Papec Machine Company of Shortsville New York manufactured farming implements known worldwide for their quality. Originally located in Lima, New York, the company moved to Shortsville sometime around 1910. Reproduced from … Continued

Lover Come Back, c.1962

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A promotion for “Lover Come Back” starring Rock Hudson, Doris Day and Tony Randall. Formerly located at 71 Clinton Avenue, the RKO Palace in Rochester opened Christmas 1928 and was demolished in 1965. Reproduced from 7½” x 10½” paper bag.

Vera Photo Co., c.1910

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Printed on reverse: “MADE BY VERA PHOTO CO. 273 MAIN ST. EAST, Directly opposite North Street, (and only one flight up) Next door to McCurdy’s.” Reproduced from 1¼” x 2” photographs.

Midtown Plaza Sidewalk Cafe, c.1962

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Printed on reverse: “Unique globe lights and a central fountain lend a continental charm and restful atmosphere for visitors to the sidewalk cafe on Midtown Plaza mall, Rochester, N.Y. Midtown Plaza is the nation’s largest downtown shopping and business center … Continued

Henry Lomb Memorial, c.1950

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Taken from Lomb Memorial Park looking towards the intersection of Martin Street and Sheridan Street (now Upper Falls Boulevard). Coca-Cola Bottling of Rochester is now on that site. Reproduced from 127 negative.

Wilgus Plan, c.1909

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Printed on reverse: “BEAUTY IS UTILITY – This post card shows the Wilgus plan for the new Central Station over the Genesee, and the Grand Esplanade connecting with Main Street. The symbolical group represents the beauty of the river and … Continued

East High, c.1903

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East High, c.1903 – East High School designed by J. Foster Warner and located on Alexander Street. Opened April 15th 1903, it served as a high school until 1959. Reproduced from 2¼” x 3” cyanotype.

Midtown Plaza Tropical Foliage, c.1962

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Printed on reverse: “Life-size sculptured children climb amid plantings of Phoenix Roebellini palms and scheffleras on the mall at Midtown Plaza, Rochester, N.Y. Tropical foliage is one highlight of the 7½ acre complex under one roof that is Midtown Plaza … Continued

The Breezer, c.1916

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The Breezer, c.1916 – L.A. Thompson’s Scenic Railway – Located at Ontario Beach Park, it was first called the ‘Russian Railway’ and later became ‘The Breezer’. The park and ride closed on Labor Day 1919. Reproduced from 2¾” x 4” … Continued